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ALCHEMY STUDY PROGRAM - The oldest continuing education program on alchemy. Both spiritual and practical paths of alchemy are covered. Certificates issues for each of the seven modules, and students who complete all seven modules receive the Diploma in Alchemy. More Information . . .

PRACTICAL ALCHEMY COURSE - This online course with practicing alchemist John Reid is intended as an introductory survey of the techniques and lab work in practical alchemy. More Information . . .
HERBAL ALCHEMY COURSE - This online survey course with practicing alchemist Robert Allen Bartlett covers the techniques of spagyrics including Eastern alchemy techniques of Ayurveda. More Information . . .
PRIMA LEVEL COURSES - This first level course in practical alchemy is offered as on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on Robert Bartlett course  
SECUNDA LEVEL COURSES - This second level course in practical alchemy is offered as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on Robert Bartlett course   
TERTIA LEVEL COURSES - This third level course in practical alchemy is offered as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on Robert Bartlett course  
SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY INTENSIVE - This is a real time class in the techniques of spiritual alchemy with Dennis William Hauck. Real-time streaming video images, exercises, and meditations. More information . . .
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USA California
ALEX HAYDEN has been active in the Alchemy Study Program for over ten years and now serves as one of its administrators. He received his bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University and has taught chemistry and the history of science for most of his career. His specialty is the history of alchemy with an emphasis on European studies. He is a co-writer of the Alchemy Home Study modules and has written several academic papers on alchemy, as well as contributing to anthologies on both practical and spiritual alchemy. Alex lives in Modesto. California.

USA California
DENNIS WILLIAM HAUCK apprenticed in laboratory and spiritual alchemy while in graduate school in Europe and has translated a number of important Latin and German alchemy books into English. Today, he works as an author, consultant, and lecturer to facilitate personal and global transformation through the application of the ancient principles of alchemy. A gifted speaker on Hermetic subjects, Hauck has been interviewed on nearly 300 radio and TV programs including such popular national shows as "NPR's Morning Edition," "Sally Jessy Raphael," "Geraldo," "The O'Reilly Factor," "CNN Reports," and "Extra." His latest books are The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation, Sorcerer's Stone: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy. Websites: www.DWHauck.com and www.AlchemyLab.com. Dennis is the curator of the Alchemy Museum in San Jose, Californmia, and lives in the Sierra Mountains northeast of Georgetown.
John Hernandez
USA California
JOHN HERNANDEZ (Frater John) is a professional musician, composer, and producer. John holds the Certificate in Spiritual Alchemy. He began his path in the Western Mysteries early in his academic career and also studied the Eastern alchemical art of Chi Gung under the private mentorship of Sifu Joe Chu. John is a charter member of the International Alchemy Guild (www.AlchemyGuild.org), a Master Mason in the Traditional Observance Lodge Academia (#847 Oakland, California), and a Frater in the Pharos Mystery School in London under the Magistrate of David Goddard. He has published two papers on alchemy and Masonry, and currently serves as a Ritual Elder for the worldwide men's initiatory organization, the Mankind Project (www.mankindproject.org). John lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

USA Washington
ROBERT ALLEN BARTLETT began his alchemical study at the Paracelsus Research Society (which later became Paracelsus College) under the guidance of the famous American alchemist Dr. Albert Reidel (also known as Frater Albertus). After receiving his degree in chemistry, Robert began work at Reidel's Paralab as the Chief Chemist. Later, as the Chemistry Department Manager for a large materials testing laboratory, he continued his research into alchemical methods using modern laboratory equipment to document and analyze his results. He has published two books: Real Alchemy: A primer of Practical Alchemy and The Way of the Crucible. Both books are available through www.LuLu.com and his website www.RealAlchemy.org. Robert lives near Seattle, Washington, USA.

USA California
ROBERT WRIGHT, Ph.D., L.Ac, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, musician, composer and writer and has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for over twenty years and has specialized training in Classical Acupuncture, Chinese and Western Medical Herbalism, Chinese Medical Orthotraumatology and Qi Gong . He is a former professor of both Acupuncture Orthopedics and Medical history at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and has advanced training in these areas. He has been a student of Hermetic philosophy and science for many years and has a particular interest in comparative early, ancient and classical medical philosophy and practices from China, India, Greece and Egypt , as well as traditional shamanic practice. He also is interested in Spagyric medicine and received the Diploma in Alchemy from the Alchemy Study Program in 2010. Website: http://wrighttcm.com/introduction.html. Robert lives in the Napa Valley, California.

USA California
GABRIEL QUINN MARONEY graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. He specializes in medical alchemy and spagyrics in the tradition of Paracelsus. He organized the first Medical Alchemy conference at Bastyr University (Seattle, Washington) and is president of the Green Lion Society. He was a regular presenter at the International Alchemy Conference and also serves on several projects to establish a medical alchemy community. Gabriel produces herbal medicines and tinctures at his laboratory in Fort Bragg, California.
Benjamin Turale
Great Britain

BENJAMIN TURALE works as an electronic musician and integrative psychotherapist. He has been an avid practitioner of meditation daily and on long retreats since 2007. He trained initially as a transpersonal therapist before completing his Masters of Counselling and completed the Alchemy Study Program under Dennis William Hauck. His dissertation was “Immanence and the Hieroglyphic Monad.” In Australia, he completed additional training in laboratory alchemy before moving to London. Currently, his work focuses mainly on the herbal kingdom and the interplay between consciousness, the One Thing and the One Mind. Website: www.benjaminturale.com

USA Florida
DUANE SAARI is a practicing alchemist who has devoted his life to the study and application of alchemical principles and practices to the challenges of life in the modern world. His research into the change and transformation process has taken him to sacred places and energy grid sites around the globe including: Egypt, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Mexico, Hawaii and Papua, New Guinea. Duane has conducted workshops in Egypt and the US on the vital contribution alchemy can make to our understanding and control of the essential experiences of our life in today’s challenging environment of chaotic and unpredictable forces that affect every aspect of our world. Duane’s blog on "Living an Alchemical Life" is at www.Ouroboroscycle.com/blog. He lives in upstate New York.

OLIVIER GABRIEL GARCIAS graduated from the Alchemy Study Program in 2008 and has studied the Hermetic tradition for many years. He is a 96th-degree Mason and Grand Master of Spain for the Memphis-Misraim Triest, which is an alternative Masonic group formed in 18th-century France and greatly influenced by the work of Cagliostro (1743-1795). In 1881, the 90 degrees of Misraim were united with the 97 degrees of Memphis to create the Memphis-Misraim. Olivier studied art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, and he is a recognized painter in Europe. He speaks six languages and lives in Provence, France, but he spends a large part of his time traveling and teaching in Spain and Morocco. See his Facebook page "Memphis-Misraim España."

WAYNE PARKIN has been a practicing holistic healthcare practitioner since 2003 and is interested in applying alchemical principles to healing. Recognizing that only lasting change comes from the soul, he facilitates his clients through their own personal transformation of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health using Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Reiki and Alchemy. He supports his clients with private consultations and also workshops in all aspects of health and wellbeing. He is a graduate of the Alchemy Study Program. Wayne lives in Victoria Province in Australia.

GIORGOS VASILIADES is a graduate of the Alchemy Study Program and specializes in spiritual alchemy. He was also a student of Irini Kouli of the Lynn Andrews Mystery School of Sacred Arts and is active in several Hermetic organizations. Giorgos (George) is certified in the Silva Mind Control Method and is a practicing Reiki Master. His studies focus on alchemical shamanism and methods to awaken the light body in various traditions. He works as a graphics designer and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece.

USA California
PAULETTE DAGER-HARRIS is a practicing hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, a member of the International Alchemy Guild, and holds the Spiritual Alchemy Certificate. Paulette was awakened to alchemy in the 1960’s while living in Morocco, an early center of Arabian alchemy. After working for several years in Alaska with Native Americans and Eskimos, she returned to New England, married and raised a family. During this time, her focus turned to gardening, from which an interest in plant alchemy blossomed, and in 2004 she fully stepped onto the path of Divine Alchemy. Paulette’s hypnosis practice, Third Eye Hypnosis, centers on spiritual alchemy with an emphasis on self-empowerment and healing to bring into balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Paulette is the founding editor of the Alchemy Guild Bulletin  (www.AlchemyGuild.org).

JUSTIN RILEY is currently working on his Master's degree in chemistry and has been interested in alchemy since he was a child. He believes that modern chemistry can only be understood fully through the ancient alchemical principles from which it evolved. Justin is active in promoting alchemy to the general public and served as a volunteer coordinator of the International Alchemy Conference (www.AlchemyConference.net) and for the International Alchemy Guild (www.AlchemyGuild.org). He also serves as an editor for modules in the Alchemy Study program. 

EMMA ZYBOWSKI is a volunteer in the Alchemy Study Program and coordinates lectures and workshops for the program. She also helps answer student inquiries, coordinate workshops and other events, and assists in the administration of the program. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been studying alchemy in for the last eight years. She is the proud grandmother of five boys.