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ALCHEMY STUDY PROGRAM - The oldest continuing education program on alchemy. Both spiritual and practical paths of alchemy are covered. Certificates issues for each of the seven modules, and students who complete all seven modules receive the Diploma in Alchemy. More Information . . .

PRACTICAL ALCHEMY COURSE - This online course with practicing alchemist John Reid is intended as an introductory survey of the techniques and lab work in practical alchemy. More Information . . .
HERBAL ALCHEMY COURSE - This online survey course with practicing alchemist Robert Allen Bartlett covers the techniques of spagyrics including Eastern alchemy techniques of Ayurveda. More Information . . .
PRIMA LEVEL COURSES - This first level course in practical alchemy is offered as on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on Robert Bartlett course  
SECUNDA LEVEL COURSES - This second level course in practical alchemy is offered as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on Robert Bartlett course   
TERTIA LEVEL COURSES - This third level course in practical alchemy is offered as an on-site class in Seattle, Washington, with Robert Bartlett. Information on Robert Bartlett course  
SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY INTENSIVE - This is a real time class in the techniques of spiritual alchemy with Dennis William Hauck. Real-time streaming video images, exercises, and meditations. More information . . .
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The Emerald Tablet

The origin of the tablet is lost in legends that go back more than 10,000 years. But its words have survived.

Egyptian Alchemy

The roots of alchemy go back at least 3,500 years to Egypt and Phoenicia.

  • Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission Archaeological Investigation reviews the "curious" activities of the Egyptian government to conceal the excavation of the Hall of Records on the Giza Plateau.
  • The Akhet Hwt-Hrw Temple and School is a spiritual organization dedicated to following the legacy of ancient Egypt. The website is devoted to information about the goddess Hathor and Akhet philosophy. 

European Alchemy

The heyday of traditional alchemy in medieval Europe spread seeds of enlightenment throughout the world.

  • Adam Maclean's Alchemy Web contains original alchemy manuscripts, artwork, drawings, interpretations, and history. This website is one of the best resources for alchemy on the Internet and is highly recommended.
  • Ages of Alchemy covers the whole range of European alchemy, including its focus on the Elixir of Health and practical laboratory methods. This is a wonderfully illustrated site that really evokes the laboratory experience.
  • Paracelsus College in Adelaide, Australia, is dedicated to the "conscious evolution of the individual within the context of his or her physical existence." Email the group for more information.
  • Giordana Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher by John Kessler is an excellent summary of the life of the spiritual alchemist who was burnt at the stake by the medieval Church.
  • The Philosophical Research Society was founded in 1934 by Manly P. Hall to preserve and disseminate ancient wisdom and alchemical teachings. The website has a library, gallery, and bookstore.

Jewish Alchemy

From its origin in Egypt to the Kabbalah, Jewish alchemists took a pivotal in the development of their Art.

Christian Alchemy

Much of medieval alchemy was really a disguised form of esoteric Christianity that flourishes to this day.

  • The Bible Gateway contains six searchable versions of the Bible in ten different languages. Searches may be by word, phrase, or topic.
  • Lion & Lamb is Collins Hamblen' website, which features analysis of Biblical, Hopi, Cayce and other prophecy to show where the world stands in its own spiritual transformation. 
  • The Life and Works of Hildegard von Bingen is a complete biography and interpretation of this Christian mystic's profound visions and musical compositions.
  • Christian Mysticism is a website devoted to the work of St. John of the Cross, who was known as the Alchemist of the Soul. Also contains guides to Christian prayer and contemplation.
  • Of True Repentance is a book written by German mystic Jacob Boehme in 1622 that "shows the way to the internal Kingdom of God." You can print out the entire translated text.
  • Unraveling Wittgenstein's Net - A Christian Think Tank is an intelligent and entertaining center for all kinds of views on the meaning of Christianity in our time.

Gnostic Alchemy

The Gnostics made the principles of alchemy part of their religion, much to the anger of the Church.

  • The Gnostic Friends Network is a must-see, iconoclastic collection of modern and ancient Gnosis that will blow your mind if you are not careful!
  • The Gnostic Renaissance Information Project documents the oppression of Gnostic Christians as well providing links to modern Gnostic sites.
  • The Gnostic Order of Christ provides support and educational material to those who seek to apprehend spiritual truth through intuitive as well as rational means.

Islamic Alchemy

Islamic alchemists safeguarded and expanded the alchemical teachings during the Dark Ages.

  • Islamic Alchemy is devoted to the history of Islamic alchemy and the Old Egyptian Science. Sourced from the Alchemy Web through the Virtual Library for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.
  • The Religion of Islam is an in-depth introduction to the history and philosophy of Islam with sections on alchemy and Islamic science.
  • Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, the Sufi spiritual alchemist, is featured on links from this page that include a biography and some of his original poems.

Chinese Alchemy

Taoists practice an inner alchemy in which the organs of the body are vessels of transformation.

  • Mountain Wind offers free information on using breath exercises for personal transformation. They also publish books on Taoist alchemy and Chi Kung, as well as the newsletter Inner Alchemy.
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kung is an excellent introduction to these 6,000-year-old practices intended to perfect body and mind through the alchemistic direction of life force (chi).
  • Dhammapada: Wisdom of Buddha is a translation of sections of the book Harischandra Kaviratna that describe the principles of Buddhist alchemy.

Hindu Alchemy

Hindu alchemists gave the name "kundalini" to the evolutionary alchemical energy in man.

  • Serpentine Power in Greece and India compares the kundalini experience as it was described in the Greek and Indian traditions. The Caduceus of Hermes is one symbol common to both.
  • Tantra Internet Links has links to over a hundred websites devoted to Tantric alchemy and the relationship between sexual energy and spiritual enlightenment.

Hermetic Tradition

Forced underground, the Hermetic teachings were transmitted secretly in a variety of ways.

  • The Hermetic and Alchemical Works of Jason Wolf is a look at the musings and drawings of an inspired spiritual alchemist and includes an Alchemy FAQ and articles.
  • One Spirit Project  Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through interaction and discussion, we encourage new perspectives that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Large resource directory.
  • The Occult Glossary is an excellent resource that defines many of the common terms of the Hermetic tradition from scores of different spiritual traditions.
  • The New Age Web Works contains information on alchemy, Egyptology, druidism, freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, shamanism, tarot, wicca, divination, and other so-called Hermetic sciences.
  • The Hermetic Fellowship Resources Page is a collection of links to New Age, pagan, Celtic, metaphysical, occult, and other Hermetic sites on the Internet.
  • The Pythagorean Tarot is an insightful article on the Hermetic origins of the tarot deck and proposes a Pythagorean deck more in keeping with its true numerology and archetypal basis.
  • TarotConsultant - A free on-line Ezine for Tarot Consultants and readers, from beginner to veteran, with articles, spreads, tips and more.
  • Create Your Own Truth is a Wiccan homepage with a collection of original writings such as the "Chymical Jousting of Brother Persdua" and articles such as an elaboration on the meaning of Tarot cards.
  • Occult World Ledger reviews and lists books on a number of paranormal with links to various websites devoted to similar themes.
  • Aeon Globe is a practical spiritual site, developed to promote (self) healing, self-mastery, inner growth and lust for life. The site includes courses and information on spirituality, occult sciences, spiritual art, oracles, and natural therapies.
  • Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) has a multilanguage website geared to seekers of ancient wisdom. The purpose is "to further the evolution of humanity through the practical application of spiritual laws."

Alchemy of the Paranormal

Paranormal encounters are our personal initiations into Hermetic reality.

  • Haunted Places is a guide to current paranormal activity, true life experiences, and ongoing investigations from around the world that features a section on the Alchemy of the Paranormal.
  • The Exceptional Human Experiences Network (EHEN) offer a platform for experiencers of a variety of phenomena, including mystical, near-death, out-of-body, apparitions, angels, and alien encounters.
  • Shared Transformation features personal stories of people experiencing visions, apparitions, religious awakenings, and other spiritual emergencies.
  • The American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) is the oldest parapsychological membership organization in the USA. Publishes the Journal of Parapsychology.

Meditation and Mystical Consciousness

Many altered states of consciousness are alchemical breakthroughs to a higher reality.

  • The About Living website offers an excellent online guide to meditation that you can download for free, as well as images of nature designed to transport you to higher consciousness.
  • Dreamgate focuses on the spiritual meaning of dreams as ways of accessing deeper reality. Includes an extensive guide to other dream resources on the internet.
  • Alternate Realities in Art and Thought is an unusual website devoted to esoteric studies and metaphysical reality as expressed in a variety of venues including art, literature, and the web.
  • Astara is a membership organization and modern day mystery school offering instruction in metaphysics. Publishes monthly newsletter and provides telephone assistance for members.
  • The website for Posthuman Philosophy offers a solution to the mind-body problem as well as therapeutic applications and sections on Dr. John Dee's Enochian magic and supernaturalism.
  • The Council on Spiritual Practices (CSP) is dedicated to "making direct experience of the sacred more accessible to more people" through the use of entheogens (shamanic plants and psychoactive drugs).
  • The Violet Flame - The Alchemist's Dream offers a visualization that actualizes the inherent alchemy of light in consciousness, making violet not just a color but an entry to the next higher octave of light.

Transpersonal Psychology

Carl Gustav Jung spent his life studying alchemy. What he discovered became a whole new discipline.

  • The C.G. Jung website offers a glossary of Jungian terms, articles by Jungian analysts, lists of programs in Jungian training, and links to other Jungian websites.
  • Michael Daniel's Transpersonal Links contains the most complete listing of hyperlinks to websites devoted to the study of Transpersonal Psychology.
  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is membership organization dedicated to studying the nature of consciousness as a gateway to transformation. Publishes a newsletter and magazine.
  • New Thought Movement Homepage contains a wealth of resources related to the practice of bringing the presence of the divine into our everyday lives.
  • Spagyria and the Alchemist's Dream is Greek psychiatrist Demys Kyriacou's website on personal transformation.

Alchemy of Health and Longevity

The alchemical Elixir, that heals and protects all living things, is made in our own bodies.

  • The Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute, also known as the Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts, explores and attempts to awaken the transformative and healing powers of the subsconscious mind.
  • Rejuvenation Integratron is a paper by George Van Tassel, who invented the mechanical dome (still standing in Mojave Desert) that he hoped would reverse aging using the principles of the Emerald Tablet.
  • Alchemilla Medical Journal is a website devoted to alchemical healing and includes herbal and homeopathic medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, and Chakra medicine.
  • The Herbalist-Alchemist website gives information about herbal extraction and the actions of various herbs on symptoms of disease and chronic illnesses.
  • The Soaps of Smetana website works with formulations of solar and lunar thinking in terms of reductionist and holistic approaches to health issues. It also describes the alchemical process of biodynamic agriculture.
  • The Dar' Shem website is devoted to teaching and spreading knowledge of a unique form of healing that involves an attunement between practitioner and patient. It is part of the Sophia tradition and the alchemists at the Temple of Solomon.
  • The Sivasakti website carries a wealth of information on bodily alchemy, including asanas, yantras and tantra.

Quantum Alchemy

Many scientists acknowledge the universal truths of alchemy in both the microcosm and macrocosm.

  • The Quantum State in Alchemy is Charles Higgins scientific article on the alchemical derivation of the elements and ether using quantum mathematics.
  • Quantum Physics Spirituality is a website devoted to quantum healing and spirituality that views the soul as the smallest unit of quantum physics.
  • The Rotation of the Elements by John Opsopaus describes this key alchemical transformative process on on all the levels on which it occurs. 

Online Alchemy Books

Full text versions of important alchemy and related books and manuscripts.

  • An Alchemist's Treasure is a lucid and deeply meaningful presentation of texts by Paracelsus, Joachim Tanckivs, and other Arabian and European alchemists. The philosophical summary of alchemy is brilliant.
  • Natural Magic is a collection of alchemical principles that is an early expression of modern science. Written by John Baptist Porta (1537-1615), all twenty original texts are available for reading here.
  • Alchemical Texts contains over 80 original alchemy manuscripts dating from Egyptian writings to the nineteenth century. The texts are divided into physical and spiritual alchemy categories.
  • John Dee by Charlotte Fell Smith is a biographical sketch of the great English mathematician and alchemist who was given a license to practice alchemy. From the John Dee Society website.
  • The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky is the classic work that synthesizes science, religion, philosophy, and the Hermetic tradition.
  • Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy by G. de Purucker is a wide-ranging history and interpretation of the Hermetic principles that have become known as the Perennial Philosophy.

Utilities & Miscellaneous

Some handy tools and useful avenues for the practicing alchemist.

  • Maranatha Puzzle is a fascinating website devoted to solving an age-old alchemical mystery with a 1 million pound reward for those who decipher it!
  • Zerotime 1,000,000 Paranormal Links offers a huge listing of occult, ghost, UFO, and other paranormal sites including research organizations, magazines and programs, equipment, and breaking news. 
  • Occult Search Engine is an online search page that catalogs Hermetic websites. Included are psychic, pagan, gnostic, tarot, meditation, Wiccan, herbal, astrology, and other sources in the Hermetic underground tradition.
  • The Open Directory is an uncensored online search engine that is human-edited and maintained by real people not computers. It contains many up-front Hermetic and alchemical sites not listed on other search engines.
  • The Symbols Encyclopedia is the largest online guide to graphic symbols and ideograms, including Hermetic and alchemical symbols down through the ages.