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Essays, articles, interviews, and book, website, music, film, or other reviews engaging with relevant aspects of the Great Work will be gratefully considered. Summaries and reports of operative alchemical and laboratory processes are particularly prized, as are submissions on any relevant subject from aspiring alchemists residing in Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Material that engages / creates a dialogue with the contents of recent issues of the Alchemy Journal is also encouraged. Whilst acknowledging the aforementioned editorial preferences, all suitable submissions are welcomed, from any geographical region. Editor: Daniel Coaten. Associate Editors: Gabriel Maroney and Tracy Cranston




The Alchemy Journal is devoted to the ancient art of transformation and was first published in Autumn 2000 as an online magazine for members of the International Alchemy Guild. By 2010, we had published over 30 issues. Through the years, the Alchemy Journal has earned a reputation as a serious tool for scholars and researchers, as well as an insightful and entertaining magazine for members. Dennis William Hauck (from the inaugural issue 15 years ago): “This journal, like all proper alchemical endeavors, will seek to balance both the feminine (intuitive) and masculine (logical) ways of experiencing reality. For that reason, you will find in these pages an eclectic blend of material, both scholarly and personal, thoughtful and emotional, practical and spiritual. Keep in mind this publication is a living thing that grows and transforms with each issue, just as we hope you the reader will grow and transform along with us.”